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Whatever your data needs, we've got you covered.

Our Services

Leveraging top-tier infrastructure and expertly trained annotators, we ensure your data needs are met with punctuality, exceptional quality, and uncompromised data privacy.

Data Curation

Our data curation service offers comprehensive coverage across text, image, audio, and video, sourcing from the internet or creating in-house. We ensure high-quality data with well-tested procedures, tailoring our services to meet your AI and machine learning project needs. 

Data for Generative AI Training & Refinement 

Our annotation services for generative AI and LLM development include reinforcement learning from human feedback, instruction fine-tuning, instant feedback loops, question answering, image captioning, LLM comparison, and evaluation, enhancing model accuracy, security, compliance, and performance.

Video Annotation 

Our comprehensive video annotation service offers object detection, activity recognition, motion tracking, pose estimation, and fine-grained classification. With capabilities in tagging, nested classification, interpolation, and advanced tracking, we ensure precise, efficient data labeling for AI models across various domains, leveraging state-of-the-art tools to meet your complex research needs. 

Audio Annotation

Our audio annotation service offers transcription, segmentation, classification, nested classification, speaker identification, speech activity detection, and language identification, with the flexibility to combine these types to meet diverse client needs, ensuring detailed and accurate data for superior AI model training. 

Image Annotation

Our image annotation service encompasses a broad spectrum of capabilities, including object detection, fine-grained and nested classification, semantic, instance, and panoptic segmentation, pose estimation, and 3D modeling with cuboids. We deliver precise, detailed annotations for AI models, leveraging advanced tools for tagging, polygons, polylines, and more, across diverse applications. 

Text Annotation

Our text annotation services encompass translation, named-entity recognition, sentiment analysis, event and relationship detection, classification, nested-classification, and summarization, offering comprehensive support for AI-driven insights and model training across various languages and domains, ensuring accuracy and depth in understanding textual content. 

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