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Case Study

Enhancing Medical Research Through Precision Data Annotation

Project Overview


Medical School of University of Pennsylvania


Transcription of 200 Hours of Medical Interviews

  • Tight schedule for a last-minute project 

  • Strict data security and privacy requirements 

  • Need for qualified medical transcribers across several dozen medical fields 

KeenSight, a leader in data annotation services, was approached by the Medical School of University of Pennsylvania for a critical and sensitive project. The task was to transcribe 200 hours of medical interviews between doctors and patients, to be presented at a symposium. This project presented unique challenges, including a stringent timeline, rigorous data security requirements, and the need for specialized medical transcription expertise. 



Data Security and Privacy Compliance

Understanding the paramount importance of data security, KeenSight leveraged its robust infrastructure designed with privacy and security at its core. Our compliance with SOC 2, HIPAA, and ISO 27001 standards enabled us to meet and exceed the University of Pennsylvania's HRPP (Human Research Protection Program) rules. We implemented a tiered data access system that ensured only authorized personnel could access sensitive information, significantly mitigating the risk of data breaches and simplifying project management. 


Rapid Recruitment and Training of Specialized Transcribers

To tackle the challenge of finding qualified medical transcribers across a wide array of medical fields, KeenSight tapped into its extensive annotator pool. This initial step allowed us to cover a significant portion of the project's needs swiftly. For the remaining specialties, we reached out through online communities of medical transcribers, attracting the necessary talent. Our proprietary online training and screening tool played a crucial role in ensuring that all transcribers were not only qualified but also had up-to-date medical knowledge. This streamlined process, supported by our pre-existing resources and procedures, enabled rapid onboarding and preparation of transcribers. 


KeenSight successfully completed the transcription project ahead of schedule, within budget, and in full compliance with the University of Pennsylvania's stringent regulations. Our ability to quickly mobilize a large team of specialized transcribers, coupled with our secure data management infrastructure, proved instrumental in the project's success. 


This project exemplifies KeenSight's commitment to delivering high-quality data annotation services under challenging conditions. Our solutions for the Medical School of University of Pennsylvania highlight our capabilities in handling sensitive data with the utmost care, responding swiftly to client needs, and employing specialized expertise to meet specific project requirements. KeenSight remains dedicated to supporting the advancement of medical research and education through precision data annotation services. 

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